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Kathy Henderson


Kathy and her husband Terry absolutely love the outdoors and both grew up on lakes. She grew up in West Texas, and Terry grew up on Lake Of The Ozarks. “One summer, we found ourselves traveling through Grove, OK, and thought ‘what a charming community’.” Says Kathy.

They loved the fact that every road they went down, they saw the lake. Little did they know, the oil and gas industry would offer Terry a retirement package, so he opted out early, and now they call themselves Grand Lakers! “Ashville, NC was our destiny. We drove as far as Russellville, AR and the rest is history. We loved Grand Lake from the moment we drove through and finally made it our home”, Kathy recalls.

Kathy spent the next six years working at Meghan Coves, a waterfront gated community. This afforded her the opportunity to meet 80 different families from all across the country. “I have always had a fascination and love for real estate, my previous job allowed me to help people with housing on Grand Lake, and I loved it!” Said Kathy.

Coupled with the inner desire to help people, Kathy has always been told that she would be a great Realtor. So she took the opportunity and did just that! Kathy said “to me, it is incredibly easy to sell Grand Lake due to its’ beauty and charm, as well as the melting pot of people drawn to the area.”

Growing up in Texas, Kathy is quite honored to call herself an “Okie”. And she is even more excited to be working with McKibben and Company. Kathy said “I had a friend tell me to ‘stop in’ and introduce myself to Tiffany. However, I knew immediately upon entering the Ketchum Office that it would be where I would hang my real estate license.” Kathy enjoyed the high energy, humor, success and friendliness that was not only expressed by Tiffany, “but by the greeting I received by her staff of Realtors. The future for this company and the part I play in it is so bright, I’ll have to wear sunglasses”, states Kathy.

Her future is very bright, and she is looking forward to helping you find your dream home….be prepared, however, because Kathy’s enthusiasm about Grand Lake is highly contagious!!